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For céu’s latest collection, we once again bring our essence to connect with nature as our principal goal.  

This time, the relationship with our own body and the natural world has been our main inspiration. We started with the perception that Our Body belongs to this place that we are in- the one we call nature. We are not apart from this, as much as you get to know your own body the more you create a love relationship with the environment, you realize you are an extension of everything and so you awake.

Awoken for letting your body belong and be a part of the all, but also awake for the Ambiental crises that no longer separates us from the natural world.


The collection includes our plant-dyed organic fabrics, this time made with brazilwood, madder root, sandalwood, rubia & acacia. All pieces are made in Barcelona by a small artisan group that we collaborate with, together, always aiming to work in more respectful and sustainable ways.


We have kept some of our best sellers’ to fit all kind of bodies with self-love & respect. Also we have included some new shapes, always based on the same philosophy.


We believe that knowing Our Bodies is the key to accept them and to make positive changes in the world that we live in.


Our body belonging again 


When I closed my eyes and I moved my body, I could finally see that I was part of the immensity of this world. 

Finally I could feel that I was not apart from it but that I am it. 

Everything changed instantly. 

My perception, my body, my skin, the touch,  the taste, the sensations....

From the very darkness I was reborn here.

The more I identified with my body, the more I felt this love for nature, the more profoundly I could identify with other living beings.

So I moved. I laughed. I cried

Convinced by my own experience that the body could be a key factor in our reintegration with the rest of the natural world. 

Being alone I perceived that we are in unity.  

No step back. 

We are here. 

We belong here. 

I'm awake again..... 

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