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Thoughtfully Made in Barcelona

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Our body belonging again 


For céu’s latest collection, we bring our essence to connect with nature as our principal goal.  

The relationship with our own body and the natural world has been our main inspiration. We started with the perception that Our Body belongs to this place that we are in- the one we call nature.



The collection includes our plant-dyed organic fabrics, this time made with brazilwood, madder root, sandalwood, rubia & acacia. All pieces are made in Barcelona by a small artisan group that we collaborate with, together, always aiming to work in more respectful and sustainable ways.


Period Cycle Pantie 

Our period Pantie was made to connect and celebrate our internal cycles feeling the intrinsic power of each phase is a whole new experience of the body - both physical and emotional- that requires listening, sensing and surrendering to the same natural wisdom that guides the sacred dance of the seasons, the moon, the tides, the flowers, the animals and so on.

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