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At Céulabel, we're proud to embrace the beauty of nature in every stitch, using only natural dyes to color our lingerie. By harnessing the power of plants and minerals, we create vibrant hues while minimizing harm to the environment.


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just dyeing techniques. We carefully source our materials, prioritizing organic and renewable fibers to ensure the highest quality and minimal ecological impact.


With each piece of underwear, you not only experience unparalleled comfort and style but also contribute to a healthier planet. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future. Embark on a journey where fashion meets sustainability with our exquisite lingerie collection. 

​All our underwear and clothes are dyed naturally in-house. By choosing natural dyeing, we make sure that no one involved in the process of production is affected by the chemicals used in conventional dyeing. Not only we avoid any chemicals getting absorbed into no one's skin, but we also make sure that we aren't contributing to the pollution of rivers, seas, ground, and air. The main materials we use: 

  • rubia

  • acacia

  • brazil-wood

  • mader root

  • sandalwood

  • indigo

  • achiote

  • logwood

  • onion skin

Plant- Dyed 

From the outset, our dedication to partnering closely with artisans has been paramount. For sewing, we've teamed up with a skilled artisan group based in Barcelona. This ensures fair wages and respectful treatment for all involved, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices

Ethical Production

All our fabrics are GOTS-Certified, sourced from Organic Cotton Colours, a Spanish textile company collaborating with small independent farmers in Brazil. Explore our recent collection featuring organic cotton and organic cotton mesh. We're actively seeking sustainable options for our trims.

Organic Fabrics

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