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Our Philosophy

Plant dyeing

​All our underwear and clothes are dyed naturally in-house. By choosing natural dyeing, we make sure that no one involved in the process of production is affected by the chemicals used in conventional dyeing. Not only we avoid any chemicals getting absorbed into no one's skin, but we also make sure that we aren't contributing to the pollution of rivers, seas, ground, and air. The main materials we use: 

  • rubia

  • acacia

  • brazil-wood

  • mader root

  • sandalwood

  • indigo

  • achiote

  • logwood

  • onion skin

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Ethical Production


Since the beginning, our commitment to work closely with our partners has been crucial. For the sewing, we collaborate with a talented small artisan group from Barcelona. In this way, we ensure that we have control over paying fair wages and treating everyone as they deserve. 

Organic Fabrics

All the fabrics that we use are GOTS- Certified. Most of them are Organic Cotton Colours, a Spanish textile company that works with organic cotton grown in Brazil by small independent farmers. Read about Organic Cotton Colours. In our recent collection, we worked with organic cotton and organic cotton mesh.


Currently, we are working on finding a more sustainable option for the trims that we are using.  

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