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About us 

Céu derived from Portuguese meaning 'sky', symbolizes interconnectedness and unity. Our brand embraces this ethos, crafting underwear with intention, respect, and responsibility. We rewrite the rules by prioritizing comfort, using non-toxic fabrics and dyes, and locally sourcing materials.

Our commitment extends beyond products; we foster an open community dedicated to meaningful consumption and aligning values with actions. Céulabel draws inspiration from ancient wisdom, guiding us to reconnect with the natural world and redefine our role on this planet.

CéuLabel was founded in Barcelona in 2020 by native Brazilian Beatriz, during her Master's degree in Lingerie and Swimwear. After working for a fashion house in Brazil, she started to question the fashion industry's practices. At the end of each working day, she was walking through the street of São Paulo in a neighborhood full of big fashion companies, and seeing the amount of garbage discarded without a thought, the gases and the pollution that came with it, she decided to change something about it.

Dismayed by the questionable practices and the suspicious toxic dyes used into our second skin, as we like to call the underwear and clothes, she chose to create her ideal version of underwear.

Looking for alternatives she was inspired by the centuries-old natural dyeing techniques. Plants have always been ready, willing, and able to cooperate with humanity, so the heart of Bea's creative process has always been to re-create harmony with plants and nature and to live happily again under the same sky- o mesmo Céu.

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