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Collaboration in a future called now

As we're experiencing this unique moment in time, from isolation to societal change, we all have now, more than ever, the chance to make a difference. Our desire is to create a new future with human processes, natural fabrics and pigments, love for the natural world, and respect and inclusion for all people.

To inspire as many people as possible to embark on this journey, we are celebrating the stories of those who already have realised what's the change they want to create in the world. Created during the lockdown, the stories of these two artists are about collaboration, the role of their art, and about self-isolation.

Paula - contemporary freelance dancer from Barcelona.

How did self-isolation has affected your art?

As a contemporary freelance dancer, I was working in some projects when the pandemic started. I had performances on my agenda and all of them got canceled, it has been hard. Also, I’m used to going to the studio to train or create regularly, it’s kind of a habit for my body, so I adapted the space that I have at home to keep active and moving. But that’s something we all had to do.

What change do you wanna create in the world through your art?

I love it when I awake someone’s feelings through my dance. For me, this is really important. I like it very much when a piece of dance has a clear meaning or narrative that the audience can understand, but I love to awake the audience’s senses through dance and make them feel something or think about something that is not necessarily what I had in mind. I think art should make people connect with their most human essence, with what we all are at the end. Also, I think art is a great tool and it’s necessary to use it to denounce any kind of injustice or problem that as a society we face. It’s a powerful tool!

Maya - photographer, illustrator, and painter from Mallorca

How did self-isolation has affected your art?

It definitely made me more aware of how much I need nature and non-urban spaces to feel inspired and create; I did work on some photography projects though, and I learned how to materialize my ideas with the limited environment and things I already have in hand, but are often forgotten or not seen.

What change do you wanna create in the world through your art?

Regarding my artistic practice, at the moment I believe I’m contributing to creating a space where people can find everyday things more poetic and be able to appreciate them from other perspectives or maybe even generate a sense of empathy towards nature and the daily Little things. I believe that art is in everything, and its task is to contribute to creating a better society, a tool that may serve people and the world we live in.

You can connect with Paula via her Instagram and with Maya here.


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