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The art of natural dyeing

Ancestral values

Ancestral values is a collection that introduces plant-dyed underwear as an expression of our desire to transmit ideas of value from our ancestors. We continue to hold the ancestral values we´ve inherited and aim to live more in harmony with nature.

The collection includes a series of plant-dyed organic cotton underwear with non-toxic screen print illustration, inspired by the palette and texture of the natural world. All pieces are made in Barcelona by a small artisan group we collaborate with. 

This series is aiming to reclaim our role within the preservation of our society and planet. It is our way of imagining a new future with human processes, natural fabrics and pigments, a love for the natural world, and respect and inclusion for all people.

the art of natural dyeing
plant dyed organic cotton underwear

The palette of the natural world


in-house dyed with curcuma, acacia, rubia, eucalyptus leaf, iron, and indigo
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