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Natural dyes 

We have chosen to dye our organic fabrics with plants.
We truly believe that over time this beautiful ancient technique has been loosing it's appreciation due to the rise in more recent industrial processes.We want to keep these precious traditions alive.
This way we use a lot less water and create no environmental pollution.
Bonus, we love all the shades that nature has to offer us!

As you know, we do care a lot about the environment, so it was with pleasure that we rediscovered these ancient ways . We can be proud of our beautiful colours, and without the residues that chemical processes produce!

As intimates have close contact with our skin, natural pigments are a lovely way to keep our bodies healthier and closer to nature.

To create the dyes for this collection we have used: rubia, turmeric, indigo, achiote, indigo, logwood and onion skin. Watch this space for new and exciting colour combos in our upcoming collections.

We have also choosen to work with organic fabrics so our products have a minimal environmental impact, it just wouldn't make sense otherwise!

All of our pieces are handmade and dyed in our Barcelona Studio.
Because of these traditional & ecologic processes they may loose some their colour by washing. That's why we recommend to wash separately, by hand and use natural soap to aid a longer life.

They are unique and always envolving.

Take care with love <3


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