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Ethical Production and fabrics 

The Céu process is made mostly by us in our studio in Barcelona, we design, make the prototypes, hand dye, cut and sew the products.
A part of the production is assisted by a handful of specialist lingerie seamstresses that work from home around the city.
All the fabrics that we use are GOTS- Certified. Most of them are Organic Cotton from Collors, a Spanish textile company that works with organic cotton grown in Brazil by small independent farmers.
A certain obstacle that we are still working on, is to find more sustainable options for the trims. The elastics especially, but we are optimistic that in the future there will be a variety of sustainable options.
As a business in the fashion industry, we do not support certain behaviours that have been widely spread by the industry in the past decades such as: forced labour, child labour and a disregard for our beautiful environment.
To sew is such a beautiful skill, and it has not been properly valued lately.
Our main ambition for the future is put together some social projects, and make a difference within the fashion industry.
Also, very soon we are going to integrate some typical crafts from small communities in Brazil, to encourage them to grow and in some way to help keep them alive.

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